3,080 yen each (2,800 yen excluding tax) 6 colors

Features ADDICTION’s thinnest brush ever. Catches each individual soft, downy hair to deliver a natural looking finish to the brows.

Thanks to its fresh, wet texture, you can layer it on without clumping, for delicate, neatly arranged, airy looking, fully dimensional brows that last all day long.*

*Internal study. Individual results may vary.

  • Features an ultra-thin brush 
    Catches even soft, downy hairs and transforms them into part of your own brows, applying evenly to each individual hair to deliver delicate, fully dimensional brows.
  • Fresh and wet, with a smooth texture 
    It has both a fresh wet feel and an oil-like smoothness, giving it a texture that resists clumping.
  • Lasts for 24 hours *Internal study. Individual results may vary. 
    Long-lasting formula contains a color-stay ingredient, creating a supple yet strong film that withstands rubbing, sweat, and sebum. 
    With outstanding durability, it prevents both dulling and fading, looking beautiful for hours on end.
  • Fragrance free

Color-stay ingredient (acrylates copolymer): Durability


After wiping the brush lightly on the mouth of the container or on a tissue, apply to brow hairs.

Cautions When Using

As the brush is thin, it may break or bend if used with excessive force.